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"In April 2001, just 4 months after my second child was born, I came down with a terrible case of depression. I've always considered myself to be an upbeat and positive person, but lately I had felt myself slipping into a very "dark" state. I had tried to beat my depression by bouncing back to my pre-pregnacy weight, exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest. Despite my effirst, I still felt very "blah". I knew that I didn't want to take the anti-depressnace route so instead I came to Dr. Henderson for help. At my appointment, I explained my situation and immediately Dr. Henderson performed some simple reflex tests. Within a few minutes, he explained to me that what I was going through was postpartum depression. He assured me that what I was feeling was very real and although it felt completely emotional, my moodiness was actually due to a hormonal imbalance. He sent me home with a combination of two different herbs that I was to take daily for six weeks. Within days I was feeling better and continued to improve every day. At the end of the six weeks, I cam back to Dr. Henderson feeling on top of the world! I believe that traditional medicine can help us at times, but often with drastic side effects on our bodies(and our wallets). Herbs, on the other hand, help the body natually heal and are generally inexpensive. I know that herbs really work! I will always choose herbal medicine to cure my ailments. I can't thank Dr. Henderson enough for his help and vast knowledge in holistic care."

With Deep appreciation,

Cheri G.

"Dear Dr. Henderson,

I wanted to send you warm greeting and good news. Thanks so much for all of your help with my and Leah's physical situation.

I want to tell you about my success with going off Celexa first. Let me tell you, I went off it with a big bang! I never guessed that it would go so well.

For the first week after the last time in your office(when I cut my dosage in half), I had more energy and more happiness than I ever had in my whole entire life. I was bouncing off the walls with energy being emitted to every corner of the universe. The serotonin was kicking back in, and with great success, too! Every day I came home from work telling my mom "I'm even happier than I was yesterday!" The wonderful, natural serotonin feel was fabulous.

And after about two weeks, my body finally figured out what had happened. One morning, without any reason or forewarning, all that extra energy was zapped up and I was back to normal. That morning I felt slightly depressed, but by afternoon my body was about to kick in and do its job.

Then, my body told me when it wanted to decrease the dosage(to half every other day). I had gone to a regional retreat with my church and the whole entire weekend, I was incredibly happy. It was tons of fun too, to be that happy! During the weekend, I was sitting in a church service with tons of energy again. I Could hardly sit still and just kept wanting to talk, talk, talk. Then I felt like I was floating, literally! I felt like I was floating above the congregation, just suspended there looking down on everybody. And that's when I decided to decrease my dosage. A good sign.

And my body again told me when it was time to stop it altogether. I got tons of energy again, and would laugh for no reason at all - just high on life!

As for Leah, she's still playing the piano. She still has to work with her pain, but she understands where it comes from now and can deal with it successfully.

So thanks so much for all your help. I can assure you that we will be back when we need your help again!"

Many, many thanks,

Esther Miller

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